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Budget Diesel Welders and Generators: MW200A for gasoline welding and MDW180A for diesel welding)

Budget Silent Diesel Generator MDG5000S

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Budget Diesel Welders and Generators

Auxiliary AC current and DC welding current can be used simultaneously, which improves the working efficiency and is convenient for operation. Automatically reduce the engine speed at zero load, for noise deadening. Engine oil level induction device will shut off engine automatically while engine oil is nearly up. Large fuel tank ensures continuous running for one and a half days without refuelling. The standard model of four-castor model is very convenient for handling and storage.

Generator (A.C) MW200A
(Gasoline welding)
(Diesel welding)
Frequency (Hz)50605060
Cont. output(kw)4.25.0
Rated Voltage (A.C) (V)110 -120; 120 -240
Current (A.C) (A)9
Phase numberSingle phase
Power factor1.0
Welder (D.C)Non-load voltage (V) -65
Rated current (A)180160
Operating Voltage (V)28-32
Durability rate of welding50%
Adjustable current (A)80-20080-180
Speed (rpm/min)36003000/3600
ExcitationOther-excitation type
Working condition12 hrs continuous running
StructureHandcart type
Displacement (cc)389406
Fuel oil tank25L Capacity
Battery Capacity12V 30Ah
Unit Gross weight100Kg118Kg
Outline Dimensions (LxWxH)685mmx510mmx550mm

Silent Diesel Generator

Its advanced direct fuel injection system adopting minimized pump and nozzle insures long life and provides low fuel consumption, easy starting, quiet running and low operating cost.

Dynamic balancer reduces the vibration to a minimum and makes its running more stable and smoother. Alternator with brush and automatic voltage regulator (AVR) provide stable output of voltage and current. Brushless alternator is an option of using condenser voltage regulator.

No fuse circuit breakers for overload protection and convenience. 12 volt D.C. auxiliary charging (car and boat batteries). Large silent muffler & balancer shaft inside and high efficient noise-proof material and vibration-reducing structure combine to produce a silent machine.

Generator MDG3600SMDG5000S
TypeSingle phase A.C generator
Generator TypeBrushless, Self-excited, 2-pole, Single phase
Frequency (Hz)50605060
Max. AC output (kvA)
Cont. AC output (kvA)
Voltage (V)110; 120; 220; 110/220; 120/240
D.C. output (V-A)12/8.3
Power Factor1.0
Pole number2
EngineEngine ModelMD170FGMD186FG
Engine TypeSingle-cylinder, Vertical, 4-stroke, Air-cooled, Direct Injection diesel
Displacement (cc)296406
Engine Speed (rpm)3000360030003600
Engine Starting SystemElectric
Lube Oil Capacity (L)1.11.65
Fuel Tank Capacity16L
Alarm SystemLow oil pressure alarm system
Fuel OilDiesel oil
Cooling systemForced air-cooled system
Lubrication systemForced lubrication
UnitOperational Capacity (hr) 10.89.610.89.6
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)840x520x740910x520x740
Net Weight (kg)130165
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